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A destination of history and culture

A collection of all our best selling Private Tours and Excursions into the main Archaeological and Historic Sites of this incredible and full of history Region of Calabria. Calabria in its history has seen numerous people and cultures from all over the Mediterranean alternate. The region was inhabited since the Paleolithic, confirmed by the findings in the Caves of Scalea (Torre Talao) and the graffiti of the Bos primigenius in Papasidero. But Calabria is also universally recognized as the heart of Magna Graecia. Between 740 and 690 BC Rhegion (Reggio Calabria) was founded by the Calcidesi, Sybaris (Sibari) and Kroton (Crotone) by the Achaeans and finally Lokroi Epizephyroi (Locri) by colonists from the ancient Greek region called Locride. Pythagoras, one of the fathers of Western philosophy, developed and spread his thought in Crotone. Calabria is also the hometown of Milon, the greatest champion of the ancient Olympic Games, and the adopted home of Herodotus, one of the greatest historians of all time. We can cover all the region with our History and Culture Private Tours, with the support of our professional guides and drivers that will conduce you to experience the great history and culture of this region.

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