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Extraordinary Mountains of Calabria

Calabria has 3 National Parks: the Pollino National Parks: the Pollino National Park - which is also the largest of the country - the Sila National Park and the Aspromonte National Park. As you can imagine Hiking Tours and Walking Tours of the Borgo villages is an important part of this culture as well as the sea life. There are some parts of this region that links the mountain to the sea side in only 20 minutes driving time; there is also a hidden gems as winter location, where it is actually possible to ski while overlooking at the sea: It’s Gambarie, into the National Park of Aspromonte, only during winter season of course. During summertimes, besides the richest Flora and Fauna for pleasant walking tours passing by ancient borgo villages, it is also possible to enjoy super adventures and family friendly activities as Rafting on Lao River, in Laino Borgo, National Park of Pollino, where you can also have a lot of others activities as: river walking, hiking, go canoeing with the best instructors from what has been awarded as the Best Outdoor Centre in Europe by National Geographic.

Browse our exclusive outdoor adventures

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2. Trekking in the path of grain
3. Adventure, sports and hiking in Pollino park:
    > Rafting on Lao River
​    > Mountain Bike in the Castle route
​    > Hiking on Mount Gada

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