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Luxury fine dining experience and wine tours

1.Cooking class in Tropea, 4 hours
Best suggested From: Tropea and Coast of Gods Villages

Pick up in Hotel or nice walking with your Host for the cooking class, Simone and Nicola will welcome you in their house in Tropea centre.

Mrs Marianna isthe calabrese mother we all wants to have, we will learn all the tricks from her magic hands about how to prepare the most authentic food of the Calabria tradition. What we offer is not just a cooking class.

As we prepare the dishes we will talk, laugh and learn. In each session we will prepare a first course of fresh pasta and a second course as per fresh ingredient of the season. The typical pasta of Tropea 'fileja e maltagliati', seasoned for tasting with 2 other exclusive products of the area.

The 'sweet' red onion of Tropea (as a vegetarian option) and the n'duja di Spilinga, famous spicy spreadable salami made from pork and Calabrian chili pepper. All this in a jovial and cheerful atmosphere. Of course, all accompanied by a excellent Calabrian wine that we will taste at the time of the aperitif and for the duration of the activity. At the end, limoncello and artisanal chocolate liqueur for everyone.


Boat, Skipper and Equipment for Parasail

Cooking Class with lunch in a central location inTropea

Starting at 10am, 4hs total

Options on request with early booking:

Private Cooking Class with Dinner

Not included:

Transfer to/from Hotel

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2.Cooking Class with Michelin Starred Chef, 4 hours
Best suggested from: Crotone, Isola Capo Rizzuto area

Pick up with your driver and reach the location where you will meet with the Chef.

The cooking class will start in the late morning at 11:00. The participants in the cooking class will prepare traditional recipes, selected and curated by our Chef.


The recipes vary according to the biological cycle of nature, following the seasonality of the products. You will prepare The three main courses with the chef. At the end of the lesson, you’ll have lunch with the courses you prepared. An exclusive experience with one of the best talented Calabrian chef.


Driver at disposal

Cooking Lesson with a Michelin Starred Chef

Duration: 3 hours

Lunch menu: Appetizer - First - Second course.

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3.Food experience at Marco’s onion farm with wine tasting, from 4 hours
Best suggested from: Tropea and Coast of Gods Villages

Pick up with your driver in hotel and transfer to a local farmhouse producing Onions and Wine, one of our favorite most authentic Tropean Farm The onion is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to cooking and Tropea is its habitat. Tropea’ssoil is where the onion develops its bets features!

Europe’s red onion most famous cultivation is here, in Tropea. It grows in a fertile and permeable soil, in a place where there is mostly a temperate and dry climate which contribute to make this a unique product.


You will visit a farmhouse which produces a little quantity of Tropea’s Red Onion, explore the Red Onion Fields of the farmhouse with Marco and his sister, the passionate owners.

Depending on the season of the year, you will be also able to assist at some part of the production process of Onions - which are the main ingredient of the Tropeana cuisine.


Your nice walk into the Farmhouse propriety, continue to the Vineyards for enjoying a wine tasting with a typical appetizer based on local products while admiring the panorama.



Round Trip Transfer service from hotel, 

2h visit of the Farmhouse with walking into Vineyard and into Red Onion Fields;

Wine tasting of 3 Wines;

Little appetizer based on local products.

Please note:

Private visits available only in the mornings.

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4.Food Truffle hunting in Calabria, from 4 hours
Best suggested from: North Calabria and destination closed to National Parks

Pick up with your driver and transfer to the countryside.

The truffle in Calabria is found and collected mainly in the province of Cosenza, between the Pollino massif (therefore also in Basilicata) and the Sila, in the southernmost part.

The truffle is one of the few ingredients in the world capable of transforming very simple dishes into super delicious dishes, especially when it comes to the prized white truffle thanks to its heady, powerful and elegant scent. Not only the areas of Alba,

Acqualagna and Norcia, also Basilicata and Calabria are great lands rich in highly prized truffles. Most of the woods of the Calabrian-Lucan Apennines are home to precious truffles. Among all, the prized white truffle stands out, which develops along canals and streams and finds its ideal habitat in the area of the Sinni river and its tributaries in symbiotic association with poplar and oak.


Studies have found that the production of truffles in Calabrian is of the highest quality, on a par with the most renowned Piedmontese ones.

Together with our expertise Truffle Hunters and his dogs you will experience the magic and beauty of the Calabrian territories of the province of Cosenza into the Pollino National Park .The fauna and flora of this naturalistic park is diversified and precious: from squirrel to wolf, from roe deer to peregrine falcon, from streams to vast prairies.


After the truffle hunt, we will return to the truffle hunter's house, or a designed location to learn the methods of use and conservation of the truffle, as well as those of preparation. Together, you will prepare a plate of pasta with truffles and the truffle sauce. All will be accompanied by the tasting of one of the best wines in the area.


Driver at disposal as per itinerary

Truffle hunting, 2h


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5. Wine Tours of Calabria

Wine tour with lunch, in Tropea countryside, from 4 hours
Best suggested from: Tropea and Coast of Gods Villages

Pick up in hotel with your driver and transfer to one of our favorite and best selected Wineries of the area to enjoy a Wine Tasting.


A lovely trip into the countryside of Tropea.


We will start first with a visit of a local winery with local products and wine tasting, about 1h.

With your driver and or guide you will continue your tour visiting a medieval village or an archaeological site - depending on your starting location, our Calabriami travel experts will create the best experience for you!


Time for lunch! Stop in one of our suggested trattorias or restaurant of the area to enjoy a divine Calabrian meal with typical and local products of this land.

Return to hotel after lunch.


Possibility to extend the tour adding a second winery or a guided visit of an archaeological site or a medieval town.


Driver at disposal as per itinerary

Visit of a winery and Wine Tasting

Stop for a typical calabrese lunch

Lunch not included

Wine tours in Lamezia Terme area, from 4 hours
Best suggested from: Central West Coast of Calabria (Pizzo – Tropea – Lamezia Terme – Amantea)*

Morning pick up in your hotel in Pizzo and Private transfer with your driver to the famous Winery located in Lamezia Terme, 30min driving time from Pizzo town centre. Arrive at the Winery and meet with our representative to start a lovely tour of this amazing propriety. The visit starts with a walk among their centuries-old olive trees, discovering the secrets of the fermentation cellars, and visit of the elegant underground barrel cellar where old and modern techniques are mixed to make the wine-making process unique and precious. 


The experience into this great family-run Farm and Winery continues with the visit of The oil mill where the extra virgin olive oil is made (based on seasonality, you will see how is made) and of their Cattle Breeding and their Biogas Plant. This company has been cultivating more than 500 hectares of land in this area since the 1600's to produce excellent quality oil, wine and milk (with

more than 800 cattle). This Farm therefore ranges from olive growing to viticulture, from citrus to animal husbandry and now, thanks to biogas, also to agro-energy.


After the tour of the company and the visit to the cellar, there will be a tasting with 4 glasses of wines paired with typical cold cuts and cheeses and the tasting of their extra virgin olive oil.


Return to hotel with your driver at the end of the experience.

*From Pizzo is 30min one way to the Winery: This tour is also

available from all the villages of Tropea and some of Coast of Gods

area or from Amantea (it would take 1h30m max one way driving

time to this Winery)


Driver at disposal 4h

Tour and visit of the Winery Farm in Lamezia Terme.

Wine Tasting of 4 wines and appetizer-food tasting of local products.

Wine tours of Cirò area, from 4 hours
Best suggested from: Crotone & Isola Capo Rizzuto Area

Cirò is Considered one of the oldest named wines in the world, with a wine-making history of thousand of years. Red wines based on the Gaglioppo variety. The wines of the Cirò DOC denomination are produced in the eastern hills of the Sila plateau and on the Ionian coast, in the municipalities of Ciro, Cirò Marina, Crucoli and Melissa. The latter also produces wines under the Melissa DOC denomination.


In this area we have many excellent wineries partners and of we can design the best Wine Tour experience for you as :


Pick up with your driver in hotel and transfer to Ceraudo Winery estate, Begin the experience with a visit to the cellar and continue with an unforgettable dinner at the Dattilo restaurant. Chef Caterina Ceraudo, who brought a Michelin star to Crotone has won the first time also the Michelin Green Star. You will enjoy a tasting menu perfectly paired with Ceraudo wines. Return to your hotel with driver at the end of the experience. It is also possible to start this tour earlier in the afternoon and combine it with a guided visit of a closest archaeological site or town.


Pick up with your driver and transfer to one or more of our best selected wineries of the area.

Visit ancient Cellars, tasting the best of the Cirò wine and possibility to add a visit to an archaeological site or a close ancient town.


Private Driver at disposal as per itinerary

Guided Visit of the Cellar

Tasting dinner: 4 courses and 3 glass of wine


Private Driver at disposal as per itinerary

Guided Visit of the Cellar

Tasting dinner: 4 courses and 3 glass of wine

Wine Tour in a Unique Organic Farm and Winery, from 4 hours
Best suggested from: North West Coast of Calabria ( Scalea – Diamante – Belvedere M. – Paola)*

Pick up with your driver from hotel and transfer to one of the best organic winery of the area, a unique location with 10 hectares of Native Grapes (Magliocco Dolce, Calabrese, Greek White), National Grapes (Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Barbera) and International Grapes (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah) all reared in accordance with the green manure technique and totally organic.

The winery’s vineyards extend across the green hill that overlooks the plains of Rose, the contrada where the estate stands tall, dominated by the hunting lodge of the noble family from 1700s.

With its four crenelated towers, it also served as an outpost and observatory.


Here the respect for nature can be seen in the way this vineyard is cultivated with painstaking care.

Actually, chemical fertilizers are not allowed in the vineyard, and they favour the use of cover cropping, which is common in organic farming. You will visit the company and the cellar with a brief explanation of the wine-making process and possibility to taste the new vintages still in steel tanks.

It will follows a tasting in the stone tasting room or (weather permitting) under a canopy overlooking the vineyards.


Continue with a great lunch based on local and fresh ingredients to end this great experience and transfer back to your hotel in Scalea.

*North West Coast of Calabria from Scalea to Paola (CS): This tour is also available from all the villages of the North West Coast of Calabria ( from Scalea to Paola it would take 1h30m max driving time to this Winery)


Driver at disposal as per itinerary

Visit of the Winery and Cellars and Wine Tasting from 3- 5 vines (1h30/2hrs about)

Lunch based on typical products (2 or 3 courses menus)

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